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About UsFamily Owned Since 1972

We have recently changed our name to "Caramelcorn Shop".
We were formerly known as "Karmelkorn Shoppe".
Nothing has changed but the name.

We have owned and operated our "Karmelkorn Shoppe" since 1972. We make all of our popcorn products fresh each day by hand.

We ARE NOT a big factory pumping out large quantities of popcorn products and we DO NOT pre-make and store our popcorn in warehouses. We make every attempt to make, package and ship within 24 hours.

Our normal store hours are from 10:00am to 6:00pm Central, Monday through Saturday. Our 800 number also rings at our residence, so if we are available to answer, we can take your order from there during the hours of 7:00am to 10:00pm Central.

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Popcorn History

Many scientists believe that popcorn is the oldest type of corn. Ears of corn 5,600 years old were found in the Mexican bat caves in 1948. Tradition has it that Columbus was the first European to discover popcorn when he was greeted by the West Indies natives wearing popped corn as decorative corsages.

Early explorers of North and South America saw Indian tribes using popcorn for food and decoration. In 1519, Cortez found Aztecs using popcorn as an important food and decoration on ceremonial headdresses. Some believe that popcorn was introduced to the English colonists at their first Thanksgiving feast in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was a sign of peace and shared as a token of goodwill. The latest research indicates that the ancestors of North and South American Indian tribes were enjoying popcorn even before the birth of Christ. The earliest method of popping corn was to throw it on hot stones over a fire and catch it as it popped out.

Today, Americans eat over one billion pounds of popcorn a year. It keeps getting better thanks to research conducted at several Midwestern universities including the University of Illinois.

Caramelcorn Shop
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